We are Hakka and we provide a digital collaboration platform for transporters

Hakka is the future of road transport

Our technology allows transporters to work together. By exchanging container rides we can achieve our four company goals.


More profitable transporters

With Hakka, the creative planner holds all the cards to optimize the transport planning.


Less empty runs

Re-use opportunities and return rides from inland export assignments become visible.


Less traffic congestion

Reducing empty runs will take trucks off the road and reduce traffic congestion.


A cleaner environment

Less empty runs contribute to the decarbonization of the environment.

Our solutions


Eurotranscon is a digital collaboration platform where transporters can exchange container rides in order to get to an efficient collaboration and communication. Rides can be offered or requested to colleague transportation companies. Go to eurotranscon.com to join the community.

coming soon

Hakka is the rebuild of Eurotranscon. Next to the existing Eurotranscon functions we are building the Hakka Matching Engine. This Matching Engine will crunch all data from Eurotranscon and let you know which posts match yours!

On top of that Hakka will integrate with all the services a transporter needs. We are settings up connections with:

  • depots
  • terminals
  • re-use platforms

Technology is transforming the maritime sector at an unseen pace. Hakka is the partner that keeps our members ahead in this innovation game!

Yannick Spillemaeckers


Yannick Spillemaeckers


The HAKKA culture

HAKKA is an ancient dance performed by the Māori tribes. All members of the tribe stand together and perform a war dance, an art performance or a celebration. They stand together as one! We at HAKKA embrace this idea. It is part of our company culture.

Every customers is a member of the tribe. Working together is smart. Collaboration makes you stronger. Joining HAKKA is smart and makes you stronger!

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